Welcome to AINS Lab , We reseaching human sciences

Welcome to AINS LAB.

We’re Join Lab , Researches Human Brain and Implement How to aid humans life, base on human technologies.

If you feel that what’s human nature, and how to make decision from your institutions,

You also  human Scientists.

Major parts of our researches::

  1. We research human brains and body activities
  2. We know that It’s for Human lives, pattern of Human thoughts, activities, it’s based on whose long term life history.
  3. We research How to follow humans neuron activities. How to implement it to SoC.
  4. Humans’ brain is Universe, we’re awe and amazement of humans activities, We’re very beginning of following it.


Human IoT Research


AINS Lab has Joint-Research Lab.

Professor KY MIN and Chief Scientist KT Ahn Founding AINS Lab on SUNY (State of University NewYork) Korea.

It’s located in SUNY Korea. and Very Close Relation with CS (Computer Science) Dept in SUNY Korea.

This lab mainly parts from researching professor and students from SoC&Wireless lab , EE Dept of Hanyang University , Seoul Campus.

And, CS Dept of SUNY Korea, professor SE LEE and Park’s Lab participated.

We welcome volunteer of co-operative researches.

Thanks a lot.





E-mail Contact::


Location ::

607 Room, SUNY Korea, Songdo , Incheon, Korea.